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Stock Market Managed Accounts

Binary Options Managed Account are binary option trading account managed by an expert trader. The expert places trades on your account, so you don’t have to do this yourself. Usually these expert traders are equipped with their expert knowledge of the market trends and allows them to make binary options trading risk-free and place trades with 92% win-win rate. You can follow the progress of trading in real-time by logging in to your trading account.


If you like the idea for a trader to manage your account and you have the profits you may decide to enter the Agreement on managed account. Pay attention that all managed accounts have terms and you can’t withdraw any amount from your account before the end of the term. This withdrawal restriction period is made to achieve the guaranteed results in trading. You may discuss with the account manager to make the shorter terms.

Once you fund up your managed account it’s started to get traded by the professional trader. This trader places an agreed number of trades per day. The number of trades usually depends on terms and conditions of the type of managed account you’ve chosen. If you login to your account, you may see the results of this trades including trading amount, strike price, time and won (lost) amount.

Managed account is not only for the Binary Options Trading, but it is also for the Stock Market Brokerage Trading, as we have our professional traders that they trade in the Wall Street Stock Market and they have top guaranteed profits for the contracts that you buy and they sell for you in the proper time and you make the profit. You can read more here.

First Level : $15,000 - $49,999

Annual profit: 615%
Term of contract: 10 months
Management fee: 9% of the generated profit
Number of insured trades: 10/Day

Second Level : $50,000 - $99,999

Annual profit: 812%
Term of contract: 9 months
Management fee: 7% of the generated profit
Monthly withdrawals available
Number of insured trades: 10/Day

Third Level : $100,000+

Annual profit: 1215%
Term of contract: 8 months
Management fee: 5% of the generated profit
Bi-Monthly withdrawals available
Number of insured trades: 10/Day

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