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CashBack Bonus

Deposit bonuses are nice, but if you're a big time traders who wants to extend their trading time, the 24StockOption Cash Back Bonus is what you're looking for. Think of this promotion as a "free life" that you can redeem to reset your bank account back to 30%-70% of your initial deposit.
Remember trading on the 60 Seconds? Remember how you would get a free life? It's just like that, only you are being showered in a digital currency that can actually translate to real money.

Discover Cash Back Bonuses with 24StockOption

So how does it all work?
If you make a deposit over $2,000 and choose to not use a deposit bonus, you can get the "cash back" at a later date. This is perfect for the trader who would rather not jump into one big lump sum, but rather space their available bankroll out over time.

Here's how it breaks down:

Deposit Cash Back Amount

Deposit Amount Cash Back Amount
$2,500 - $5,000 30% Cash Back
$5,001 - $10,000 50% Cash Back
$10,001 + 65% Cash Back

Our industry-leading cash-back credit option gives you the freedom to extend your trading experience. Try it out the next time you feel like switching your trade up from the usual deposit bonus strategy.

Terms & Conditions

Minimum 25 times trading through of Cash back bonus (excluding 30 Seconds). Cash Back Bonus credited each Monday 00.01EST for all traders with no pending withdrawals, no withdrawals over previous 7 days and a balance under $10.00. Cash Back Bonus is calculated on all deposits which were made over the previous 7 days.

Valid Dates

The Cash Back Bonus is available year-round on deposits of $2,000 and more.

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